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Mrembo calls for women and girls protection as anti-IEBC protests begin

Mrembo Foundation has today called on Kenyan police to protect women and young girls as the country’s opposition leaders begin weekly protests against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC).
Mrembo Founder, Stella Marosi, said protecting those holding peaceful demonstrations is paramount to taming violent incidences that have in the past left women with tears in their eyes for losing their husbands, children; or left with huge scars.

“It will be sad to hear another baby Pendo clobbered to death or indiscriminate shooting of another Stephanie Moraa – innocent souls that were oblivious of the happenings,” said Marosi.

Today the world marks International day of Non-violence and celebrates Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.
This day we urge key Institutions, National and County Governments, International organisations, learning institutions to promote non-violence through education and public awareness activities.
“The principle of non-violence rejects the use of physical violence to achieve social or political change like in Kenyan context. We therefore call on security apparatus to ensure peaceful demonstrations as we call on Kenyans to restrain from violent acts as they express their opinion on current political stand off,” said Marosi.
As we remember Gandhi today for his contributions towards India’s freedom and for sharing with the world a doctrine for dealing with injustice and disharmony, we urge our leaders to draw important lessons from Gandhi’s efforts.
Gandhi taught people the philosophy that encourages the use of non-violence as a tool for the peaceful resolution of differences.