Collaboration will press for progress in gender equality

Mrembo Foundation is calling for more collaboration and support of innovative ideas to press for progress in bridging the gender equality gap in Africa.

The foundation's leadership has said the time is now to press forward without complacency and make positive changes in key areas where gaping holes threatened efforts to bridging the empowerment gap.

“We need to put more emphasis on education, health and improve political standing for women, these are strategic and critical areas that have potential to push us closer to where women need to be to drive economic development,” said Stella Marosi, Founder of Mrembo Foundation.

The latest World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report which measured gender inequality found that we are still 200 years away from gender parity.

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The gaps were in four main themes studied: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, Political Empowerment.

At Mrembo Empowerment Centre we train young vulnerable women on technical skills in hair care, make-up application, financial management and family planning in a six-month program aimed at empowering them.

“We want them to be better people, have a place they can practice what they have been taught, earn something for themselves and become socially and economically empowered,” said Mrs. Marosi.

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This is in line with our mission; to improve the socio-economic status of victims of commercial sex work, domestic violence survivors and single mothers by equipping them with sufficient and dynamic skills set to restore their dignity and build self-sustenance.