2017 Women in Leadership Conference

2017 Women in Leadership Conference. Mrembo Foundation

As the pipeline for female leaders widens across board, there is a correlated need to develop their capacity for enhanced business results and bigger organizational contribution. We take cognizance of the fact that women have made significant gains in education especially higher education and continue to make better inroads into managerial as well as leadership positions including the boards. While there is still need to continue the push for enhanced gender diversity especially at higher levels of management and boards, of equal importance is to ensure that women have the capacity to grow and sustain their influence as leaders in a way that positively impacts business results into the future.

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The Kenya Institute of Management Annual Women in Leadership Conference provides a platform for accelerated learning providing a platform for experience and knowledge sharing among women leaders as well as exposure through highly experienced speakers who not only provide the much needed inspiration on what is possible but also passionately share their leadership success stories.

This year’s KIM Annual Women in Leadership Conference, is scheduled to take place at the Sarova Whitesand Beach Hotel, Mombasa, from 20 – 22 September 2017. The theme of the meeting is “Women in Leadership: Scaling Impact and Influence”.

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The Conference will be facilitated by a panel of business leaders from the region who have effectively navigated their organizations to great heights of success at the same time have developed themselves into recognizable local, regional and global brands worth learning from. Their experience sharing will be interspersed with sessions of workshopping including intense audience engagement sessions.

The target audience

The conference targets to bring together delegates from the region, mainly, female CEOs and Managers (both senior and middle level) from both private and public sectors who are keen to rise to the top and create more impact and influence in their organizations and even their professional fields.

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The conference will focus on three sub-thematic areas as follows:

  1. Essential toolkit for innovative leadership towards high impact and influence
  2. Building a formidable professional and personal brand
  3. Leadership development for self and others


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