Mrembo Founder named most innovative impact entrepreneur

Photo: Stella Marosi

Mrembo Foundation has been recognized as Africa’s most innovative organization changing lives of commercial sex workers, domestic abuse survivors and single mothers.

The Nairobi-headquartered Community Based Organisation, founder, Mrs Stella Marosi trounced more than 40 rivals from the continent in a regional Business Innovation Challenge.

Mrs Marosi topped the training and education category, in the Business innovation challenge themed, connecting impact entrepreneurs to impact investors.

Mrembo’s innovative idea of training young women in slums, victims of domestic violence and commercial sex workers on technical skills in hair care, make up application, financial management and family planning for self-reliance stood out.

“We want these young women to be better people, have a place they can practice what they have been taught , earn something for themselves and become  socially and economically empowered,” said Marosi.

These training activities undertaken at Mrembo Empowerment Center have already impacted more than 100 household in less than six months since it opened its doors.

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The challenge was organised by British Council, Acumen Fund, Standard Media Group, International Labour Organisation, Villgro Kenya and Catholic University of Milan, Italy.